Expertise Areas

Labor Law

• Consultative and litigation advice in all matters related to the Labor Law, including individual and collective bargaining in all levels of jurisdiction, as well as the representation in front of the Regional Labor Management (M.T.E) and the Public Ministry of Labor, including the advocacy of public civil lawsuit.
• Collective bargaining advice;
• Advising for plans and strategies implementation of differentiated remuneration (stock option plans and fringe benefits), with tax, labor and social security impacts analyses;
• Evaluation of labor liabilities – due diligence;
• Routines, contracts and procedures evaluation, aiming at the elimination or reduction of labor risks, with specialized orientation focusing at compliance with legal regulations.

Civil and Commercial law

Consultative and litigation advice in civil, commercial, business and family areas, covering:

• Consumer Relations;
• Ordinary and summary lawsuits deriving from Special Civil Courts;
• Contracts’ reviews lawsuits;
• Commercial contracts;
• In rem rights;
• Execution;
• Family and Succession;
• Proof of claim;
• Real Estate;
• Advertising and Marketing;
• Intellectual Property;
• Civil Liability;
• Representation at with the Superior Courts (São Paulo State Higher Court, FSC and Federal Supreme Court).

Market Sectors

We provide services for companies belonging to large national and international conglomerates, in the following sectors: banks and other financial institutions; credit card manager (market leader); commercial: building materials and finishing; industry: food; vegetal extraction; chemical, petrochemical; plastics; general services providers: engineering and construction industry; IT; bonded warehousing; telemarketing; transportation in its various branches and communications.